Do Online Music Lessons Actually Work? [Spoiler: Yes!]

In the age of the internet, you can find nearly anything you need online. That includes lessons and tutorials on every subject. But how does that work for something as special as music?

Do online music lessons work? Yes, online music lessons work very well. A lot of information for learning music is visual, so the internet works just as well as a book in a classroom. And since music files can be shared via the internet, the audio portion of a music lesson is available, too. Add to this the personalized contact with teachers for some online music courses, and you’ve got one on one attention to further your musical education.

Not only do online music lessons work, they come with benefits that in-person or strict book learning can’t match. Below, we’ll dive a little deeper into this topic to help you decide if online music classes might be the right choice for you.

Do Online Music Lessons Work
Do Online Music Lessons Work

How do online music lessons work?

You might be surprised to learn that online music lessons work in much the same way as in-person lessons do. There is a structured approach to build your foundation, then new lessons to build on those. Lessons come in easy to digest segments that continue to expand your knowledge by small increments.

Online music classes are better than simply learning from a book all by yourself. Yet, they have a similar feel to that experience since you can read at your own pace and go back to previous lessons in your own time.

Reputation Matters

Online music lessons from a reputable source should be expertly written. They should cover the whole range of topics you’ll need to have a well-rounded understanding of music theory, playing instruments, or composing your own music. Whatever your specific focus, an online music course can be a valuable tool in getting you to your goal.

It’s worth mentioning that not all online music lessons are created equally. Some are far superior and some fall flat; there’s a little music pun for you. What this means is that some websites may seem like a good deal with great lessons, but they are often missing vital elements to a full and varied musical education.

Be sure the online music lessons you choose have been written by people who know what they’re talking about. Ideally, these would be music teachers, experienced composers, and other musicians. These people would have the background and the experience to be sure your online music lessons are complete and efficient.

What are the benefits of online music lessons?

Online music lessons come with a host of benefits you can’t find with other types of lessons.


The main benefit of online music classes is the fact you can go at your own pace. This isn’t always the case, but most online music lessons do allow that flexibility. You check-in when you have time, do your lessons at your own pace, and then move on when you’re ready. It takes the stress out of learning about music, and it makes it easy for people of all levels to pick up where they left off.


Another great benefit to online music courses has to do with availability. Instead of having to schedule a trip to an in-person classroom, you can simply fire up your computer or mobile device and access your music lessons anytime, anywhere you happen to be. That’s an ideal solution for busy people everywhere.


Some people are rather shy and would not feel comfortable in a classroom. Online music classes help these people get their musical educations in the comfort of their own homes, anxiety-free.

On the subject of accessibility and inclusivity for all people, being able to use assistive technology on your computer or mobile device makes sure online music lessons can be used by everyone.


Not surprisingly, taking music lessons online can save you a big chunk of money. Pre-recorded lessons or text-based lessons mean the teacher doesn’t have to be present for you to learn. The lesson is already available to you at any time. For the teacher, this means their lessons can be available 24/7 even if they themselves aren’t in the room or on a video call with you. They can then charge less per lesson, which means you save money. Everyone wins!

What can you expect from online music classes?

A good online music lesson will include written instructions, audio examples, and something for you to write or play on your own. Some may even offer one-on-one video chat sessions. That’s just a basic overview though. Each course will be different. As a general rule, every lesson should be fine-tuned to the purpose of the lesson, driving home the point your teachers are trying to make.

For example, if you’re learning about music theory, you should see a detailed lesson on notes, their names, and their counts. You may have the option to download samples of music using the notes you just read about. Then, your lesson may ask you to write your own notes. This multi-pronged approach helps the information stick.

Do online music classes have individual lessons?

Yes, online music classes should come in individual lessons. Instead of throwing the whole syllabus at you all at once, a good music course will break things down into smaller bits. Each lesson should focus on one thing, while it also builds on the previous lessons.

How this is done will depend on the intended students, the type of topic being covered, and the overall goal of the classes as a whole.

Are online music lessons considered self-taught?

Some people turn their noses up at “self-taught” musicians, while others think it’s cool. No matter which side of the argument you stand on, you should know that online music lessons are not considered self-taught. In fact, the best online music courses are written by experts in the field. The fact that the lessons are written down instead of spoken in person simply makes them more accessible to more people. It also means you can go back to previous lessons and get a refresher without having to sit through long lectures again.

Online music classes are self-paced. That’s not the same as self-taught. You will be using lessons made by experts in the music industry, guiding you on a solid path. Self-teaching involves gathering your own materials and making your own lessons. Unfortunately, being full self-taught often leaves someone’s musical education lacking in some important parts.

Are all online music lessons self-paced?

You’ve already seen that music lessons online can be self-paced, but is that always the case?

No, unfortunately, not all online classes will be self-paced. Many of them are more like online meetings or college sources. You’d log in at a specific time, listen to a lecture, then be given your assignment. While this type of internet music lesson works for some people, it’s not a good choice for everyone.

If you’re looking for music lessons online that let you go at your own pace, be sure you check out the details of the music school first. The site should tell you if there is a specific schedule to log in with, or if you are allowed to self-pace.

Can online music lessons supplement in-person classes?

Yes! This is actually a very good use of online music courses. Even though the best online music lessons will include everything you need to know about music, they can also be used in tandem with in-person classes.

This is especially helpful if you only meet with your class once per week, but you have more questions or more time to practice on your own. Supplementing your in-person classes with music lessons online will only strengthen your knowledge and get you to your goals faster.

You can also use online music classes to look ahead of your in-person classes. It can give you a leg up against the other students and help you absorb the knowledge more efficiently.

And no, using online courses in conjunction with in-person classes is not considered cheating. You’re just putting in extra effort and reaping those rewards!

Are there drawbacks to online music lessons?

There are drawbacks to everything in life, and music lessons online are no exception to that rule. However, these drawbacks are often easy to avoid or minimize.


The biggest drawback of online music lessons is the lack of motivation. Unless you are a highly-motivated student, you may run out of steam and simply ignore your lessons. To get the most out of online music courses, you need to stay focused and pumped. A good music course will keep things interesting and moving at a good pace to help you stay on track.

No physical guidance

For composing lessons, this isn’t as much of an issue. However, if your online music lessons also include learning a specific instrument, you won’t have that physical assistance. This is important for posture, hand position, and helping to break bad habits. However, this should not be a deterrent for you. There are plenty of ways to combat those issues.


The internet has opened up worlds of information to people all over the world. Where once we were trapped by our borders, we can now reach across the globe and learn new skills from experts all over. Music is universal, and now we can use the internet to take online music lessons and continue to share that knowledge with one another. Find a course that works well with your budget, availability, and future goals, and you’ll be glad you tried online music lessons.

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