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1-to-1 Music Composition Classes

with Matt Ellul

Private classes to take the mystery out of composing

How it Works

The courses are delivered to you 1-to-1 via email and Skype calls. You’ll work at your own pace but you have unlimited email support should you have any questions.

    • Instead of spending countless hours reading complicated theory books, I’ll help you focus on one principle at a time.


    • Instead of months of frustration, get your questions answered within hours.


  • Instead of doubting whether you are actually talented enough to write music, actually start doing it (even if you feel like you’ve failed before).

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What can I learn?

Choose from these 4 courses:

1. Tonal Harmony

This course is ideal for students who wish to learn traditional (common practice) composition. In this course, you will learn how to write effective chord progressions in the style of the classical masters, you’ll practice 4-part writing and you’ll master the principles of voice leading.

2. Composition Workshop

This course is divided into 3 modules. You will learn the fundamentals issues of composition, how to use the basic building blocks of music, how to write themes, composing accompaniments, musical variation, development, contrasts and climaxes. At the end of this course you’ll compose some pieces to get feedback on.

3. Music Theory for Composers

Learn how music works with a very hands-on, practical approach. If you’re a beginner to composition and you want to master music theory once and for all, this course is for you.

4. Your Textbook of Choice

These lessons are for you if you’re learning music by yourself using any popular textbook. We’ll clarify some concepts that are confusing you and I’ll provide detailed feedback on your work. If you choose this option, please let me know which book and edition you are using.

I wish music was explained to me like this when I was younger! Matt’s lessons are easy to grasp and fun to practice. Writing music is finally making sense to me – it’s like magic! 

Max W (

Max W., Student 

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