March Music Composition Challenge - School of

March Composition Challenge: Destination Known

Update: This challenge is now closed. Check out the new music that was submitted for it: 

Your Music from March’s Composition Challenge


For this month’s composition challenge we’re going to write for piano. The music is all up to you except for one thing: the piece must finish with these four bars:

March 2018 Music Composition Challenge - ending theme

Listen to audio: 

Originally I wrote these four bars as an example for my book “How to Read Music in 30 Days” (available on Amazon – click/tap here if you’re curious – the link opens a new tab). I always wondered what I would do if I expanded on this little idea so here’s our chance to play with it.

Duration: Aim at a minimum of 1 minute

Instrumentation: Piano

Style: Anything you like

Deadline: 3rd April, 2018


Send links to the score and audio by email ( or share them on our Facebook group with the tag: #march_composition_2018

At the end of the challenge, I’ll choose some interesting entries and talk about them on the School of Composition YouTube channel.

Good luck and have fun!