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June Composition Challenge: ‘Looking Back’

I can’t believe it’s already time for June 2018’s composition challenge! Since this means that half the year is almost over, it’s time for something different!

I started these challenges last January and they’ve been an amazing experience thanks to all your wonderful contributions. Over 40 composers from all around the world have contributed over 70 pieces! What a creative audience you all are!

Despite this success, many of you expressed a little bit of disappointment that you didn’t complete 1 or more of your compositions on time for the deadlines. Obviously this is normal – sometimes ideas just need more time to develop. Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes you realize that you’ve gone down the wrong path and it’s too late to go back. While we cannot go back in time or extend the challenges by more than a month, I’d like to offer a compromise.

For this month only, I’m inviting you to write music to any previous challenge. Pick one and compose a piece with its given guidelines. I think this is especially inviting to any of you who were left with an incomplete work and would like to use this time to finish it.

Here are links to all the previous challenges: (links open a new tab)

How to Submit an Entry

To submit your music:

  1. Share it on our Facebook group here
  2. Or send links with mp3 and score (if available) by email on matt@schoolofcomposition.com 

If you upload the music to YouTube, Soundcloud or any other platform please link back to this page in the description.

Deadline: 1st of July, 2018

As usual, at the end of the challenge I’ll produce a video briefly analyzing some of your entries. This is a great opportunity for each of us to listen and learn how different composers handle the challenge guidelines.

As always, email me anytime with questions, feedback or anything else. Good luck!

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