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July Composition Challenge: “I got a rhythm”

For this month’s composition challenge, I’m simply providing you with a rhythm. Your job is to use it anywhere, anyhow – the only requisite is that the rhythm must appear complete at least once, within your composition.

The rhythm:

July Music Composition Challenge - How to write music

You can change the meter and the tempo, and you can add to it at the beginning or the end but it must be there.

Instrumentation and duration are up to you.

p.s. The title of your piece doesn’t have to be the same as the challenge.

How to Submit an Entry

To submit your music:

  1. Share it on our Facebook group here
  2. Or send links with mp3 and score (if available) by email on matt@schoolofcomposition.com 

When you upload the music to YouTube, Soundcloud or any other platform please link back to this page in the description.

Deadline: 4th of August, 2018

At the end of the challenge I’ll produce a video briefly analyzing some of your entries. This is a great opportunity for each of us to listen and learn how different composers handled this rhythm. Have a look at last month’s challenge results here:

As always, email me anytime with questions, feedback or anything else. Good luck!

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