January Music Composition Challenge

January Composition Challenge

Update: this challenge is now closed. The analysis and results are here:

For our first ever composition challenge, we’re going to keep it very simple.

Compose a piece that uses this row of notes:

January Music Composition Challenge

You can use this sequence in the beginning, the middle, the end, or anywhere else as long as it’s there. It can be a melody, a bass part or anything else. You can add to it, repeat it, insert rests, transpose it and change octave. You have total freedom as long as these notes appear in order anywhere in your piece.

Duration: Aim at a minimum of 2 minutes (to really get your creative juices flowing)

Instrumentation & Style: Anything you like

Deadline: 31st January, 2018


Send links to the score and audio by email (matt@schoolofcomposition.com) or share them on our Facebook community with the tag: #januarycomposition

At the end of the challenge, we pick and discuss some of the most interesting entries. Good luck and Have fun!

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