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The first step towards writing music is understanding how it works – what are the different elements of music? How do they come together? How do the 12 notes of the musical alphabet actually become music?

In this book we answer these questions by breaking down music into tiny parts to explore them separately and in detail. If you already have some experience with notation and its basic principles, this book will get you to the next level of musical knowledge.

With hundreds of exercises and examples, listening challenges, 1 final test and online access to audio files, you’ll learn:

  • The absolute essentials of music theory,
  • The complete system behind musical scales and key signatures,
  • How to build different types of chords;
  • The fundamentals of musical analysis;
  • What is tonal music and how it works.

By the end, you’ll be able to recognize all the different musical elements and how they come together to create the music we all love. 

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