Your Music from April’s Composition Challenge

Today I want to show you 10 new pieces submitted to the School of Composition’s April Challenge.

This challenge was based on a story from a student of mine. The short version is that he got sick with what would normally be a simple illness. A doctor named Barbara, who was also the mother of his girlfriend at the time, had a gut feeling that there was more to it so she sent him to the emergency for some tests. It turned out that Barbara’s decision saved his life. Read the full story here. (Links open a new tab).

And so this challenge is not only dedicated to Barbara but it’s also based on her name. The letters ‘B’ and ‘A’ are already musical notes so all we have to do is assign another note to the letter ‘R’ and that will give us a theme to work with.

The most common choices for the letter ‘R’ are the notes ‘G’ and ‘F’ but as you’ll hear, all the submitted pieces are very, very different!


Composers Mentioned

1. Cor Jansen:

2. Klaus Ferretti:

3. Andi Scharfstein:

4. Mike Malstrom:

5. Daryl Ali:

6. Ron Baptiste:

7. Dimitrije Golubovic:

8. Ryan Miller:

9. William Duan:

10. David N Slater:

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